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Early Spring 597

Guildhouse ⇒ Ket territory. Also Marketplace.

Reports Haybluff (100-200 people). Strange weather. Thund Light Clear days.

Sort out/investigate/address the issue.

2 day ride ⇐ w/Barrier Peaks.
Pastoral & idyllic

Chef Gilchrist

Mayor Malloy Haybluff
Dalfur of the Red Mug
Lissa is Dalfur’s daughter

Dunan – part of bard’s party

Random thunderclouds out of Nowhere toward Hayb.

Kaliska: Never assume there will be food where you are going.

Mayor is Redheaded & Bearded & fair

     Weather Witch
     Storm Giants

Range 1-10 min

Coming from the West

Gone on for decades
     wasn’t previously constant
     last few weeks

Abandoned wizard tower
     wizard probably dead (only not so much, as it turns out)
     probably source of Booming

Del Lorenzo – Famous Adventurer
      Swashbuckling type
      years of military
     “Retired” after wars foppish

Came through 2 weeks
     booming got worse

Wizard Uravulon “dead” (see? Even then I knew)
      Recluse keeping in tower
      Sent human servants
       *not locals

Dale ⇒ Blacksmith
      Bald w/Muttonchops
      75 years, never saw the wizard
      Wanted to see the stars
      Strange noises

Uravulon ⇒ Scholar
      Tower built to see stars

Bethan and Berta, farmers, Refugees from Geoff

Metal Globe, Lightning striking w/no clouds

(Insert illustration here)

Pulled body out of lightning in armor & backpack + sword + 100 gp

Changed to 10 min solid

Was most likely Del Lorenzo

Door Faces East

30’ around

Handles shaped like snakes on main door

Front room:
      H2O pitcher copper w/verdigris
      Coffee tables

Tower no longer banging as loud when inside

Door opening
     2 doors open inward

Doors both open into Dining Room
      six chairs
Cabinet wooden w/glass doors, china nice 4 bottles wine
Statue is excellent stonework of a man embracing medusa
     Folk tale from the area
     King who loved the medusa & stoned each other

stack of crates

Cloak room
     Possibly belonging to the servants


2nd Floor
     Table & Chairs
     Stair to 3rd Floor
     Probable Kitchen
     Doors open inward
     10’ hall
     2 doors
     1 door opposite

      Bed, cabinet, nightstand clean

      Bed — made

      Bed — made

 Book w/writing articulate good penmanship
  Argyle Timmons’ Journal

  Uravulon person
  537 — End of Year
  Danger to himself & Others
  Increasingly Cruel
  Working out a plan w/Ardurn to leave at midnight

3rd Floor
old Blood on stairs
  Door w/lock opens in
  Door locked
  Key in door
    Paper trick
  -Circled- w Circle w/wizard in it
    Uravulon Celsidious
      Stuck in circle for 57 years
      Lying out his ancient backside

floating orb egg shaped

Blood on stairs
Right at him . edge

Generating an engine of insight/seeing the stars more closely than by lenses

(At top of page: Flora and Fauna of Necropili Centauri)

“Then it is not a lift. It is a down.” (Didn’t note who said it. Tashi?)

Communications & Signalling the Beyond

4th Floor

5th Floor
  Control Pattern

Tower beyond our Comprehension
(Top of page: Surviving the Interrabular ether)

Tashi opens dome and dives for the elevator

Wizard wanted us to open it.

Tashi Returned w/Dargrim. Opened dome
Elevator Doors opened ended lightning

Crazed Warlock left in his tower. Blocked in his salt.

Basement Levels
&lCiel;Furnace between&rCiel;
&lFloor;Dome level&rFloor;

Basement level 1

   Small Animals
  Dead Dude
  Microscope w/box
  Wood & Iron doors
  Box of Slides
  Iron door unmarked
  Wood door w/Iron bands

Iron-Barred Door:
  Cells; skeleton w/15 arms
  Tashi stepped in=voices ethereal but getting closer sources
  Ghostly creatures

Start carrying Rock Salt
Learn to make Binding Circles

Four Ghosts?
  Maybe ghosts but very weak
  Can cross over through walls

Skeleton was an experimentation

Iron Door
  Boxes & Shelves & Wooden stairs up

Downstairs -2
Shimmering Curtains
Crates @ end
Panel w/levers all in neutral

1 2 3 4
u n n n
u u n n
u u u n
u u u u
u d u u
u d u d
d d u d
d d
u d d d Shuts all down

10 chests loaded w/gold

2 lt hand chests

3 chests mid silver/copper

Far Rt chest
  Coins + Pearl

Spectral figure
  Rattling dice
  Vanished when I declined his game

Coldbox from libarary level
Vials of Preserved Blood
Now Wine Chest

Telescope + 5 × 5
Pool of Water ~2’ deep
Fishes from book of Necropoli Centauri
  Pool of Acid.

Telescope Lenses.

Walled up the Pillar


Beat the Spirit

Crystal Egg

Unmarked Book

  Exped Retreat
  Ray of Sick
  Magic Circle

Got rid of everything sketchy in Acid (including, incidentally, the fish themselves)

There’s no one to talk to no one to steal from, and the money is just sitting here waiting for me to take it. — Unattributed (Kaliska?)


No trouble with our re-entry

Members of Guild

8927 gp coin of all types

Mendys guild librarian got a crate of books
  Mendys owes the group

Hamid — Treasurer
7200 gp in Guild

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