The March of Bissel

It is 597, and the Greyhawk Wars are over. The dust is only now settling and the balance of power throughout the Flanaess has changed. Iuz secures his unholy lands, the Duchy of Geoff has collapsed under the unrelenting onslaught of the Giants of the Barrier Peaks and the City of Greyhawk itself licks its wounds. In the western edge of the Flanaess, the March of Bissel has suffered as much as any other land, perhaps more.

There in the north upon the Fals River sits Thornward, once the capital of the March. Today it is policed by the armies of four different nations, each acting to maintain an uneasy peace and ensure this busy trade port continues to run smoothly. But with so many rivalries so close together, this is easier said than done.

Luckily the Covenant of the Shield and Coin, one of the oldest and most storied adventurer guilds on Oerth, has been given charter in the city, and adventurers begin to stream in from across the Flanaess. Whether to help with the mundane like policing the streets or traveling farther afield to assist rebuilding border outposts, there is no shortage of work for capable and the brave.

In the March of Bissel

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