The Party

Who Are We?

We are the Thundertakers. Thunderbolts? Thunderstrikers? Or The Many Arms of Justice. Or maybe the Silencers. (Or possibly The Silence. Or the Sound of Thunder. I dunno.) Over A Few Beers? (Add your two coppers here.)

But who are we really?
Name Race and class Character Sheets
Dargrim Stonehalter dwarven wizard PortalGoogle Docs
Kaliska Rhuithen half-elven rogue/cleric PortalGoogle Docs
Kovaya Tov half-elven paladin/rogue PortalGoogle Docs
Tashi human monk PortalGoogle Docs
Uilodir en Elleth human warlock PortalGoogle Docs

Our Story

[uh, in progress]
Kaliska’s portrait

Uilodir’s familiar, Rahi

Our Bonds:

  • This is not Dargrim’s first adventure with Tashi. He has stood by Dargrim in battle and can be trusted completely to have Dargrim’s back when things go wrong.
  • Dargrim respects Kovaya’s focus and beliefs, but is woefully misinformed about the world; Dargrim hopes he will someday see the true way. Kovaya has much to teach Dargrim about Vengeance, and in return Dargrim will teach him all that he can.
  • Uilodir is a brave soul, and Dargrim has much to learn from him. Dargrim will help Uil because he will play an important role in the events to come, and is destined for a brutal end…. Dargrim has foreseen it!
  • Kaliska is a friend of nature, so Dargrim will be her friend as well. Dargrim stole something from his Dad, which bonded Kaliska and Dargrim to the point that they now have a long con running.
  • Dargrim trusted Kaliska with a secret; as a result, they have a long con running.
  • Kaliska showed Uil a secret rite of the Land. He must forget what he’s seen.
  • Kaliska worries about the ability of Tashi and Kovaya to survive in the real world.
  • Kaliska has guided Kovaya (into/out of) danger before and he owes her for it.
  • Kaliska has lied to everyone about everything, at one point or another.
  • Kovaya trusts Kaliska implicitly. She has an honest face and a kind nature.
  • Uil is enslaved to a Fey Power; Kovaya must help free him.
  • Tashi can teach me how to find inner peace. He has a great serenity about him. Or it may just be the alcohol.
  • Dargrim’s Stonehalter Clan helped liberate Kovaya from Geoff. He owes them his life.
  • Dargrim has Tashi’s back when things go wrong.
  • Kovaya is woefully misinformed about the world; Tashi will teach him all that he can.
  • Will has much to teach Tashi about otherplanar beings. Or the world in general, really;
  • Tashi will convince Kaliska about the karmic dangers of deception.
  • Kovaya shared a secret with Uil.
  • Uil’s gone on a few pub runs with the wizard and monk; Dargrim is a good and faithful person, and I wish to learn more about Tashi’s Chikhai Bardo order
  • Kaliska has secrets, and Uil can’t help trying to figure them out.

The Party

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