Thorbadon Entwhistle The Fifth III

Leader of the Merrie Fellowes Adventuring Company


Short even for a halfling, Thor barely scrapes 3’ tall. His blonde hair is unkempt but clean, a stylistic choice he feels gives him an avant garde flair.


His full name is Thorbadon Entwhistle the Fifth III, being the third to be called The Fifth. He’s touchy about the subject, but rumor has it his grandfather got drunk, lost a bet, and had to visit the Elmshire clerk to have his name changed permanently to Entwhistle the Fifth. Rather than deal with it, subsequent generations have simply pretended it’s always been that way.

Ridiculous name aside, Thor is a bard who’s fortunes are on the rise, and he’s quick to regale friend, foe and commoner with tales of his and his adventuring company’s deeds. The Merrie Fellowes are currently operating out of Thornward, hoping to secure fame and fortune at the crossroads of the world.

Thorbadon Entwhistle The Fifth III

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